Exploring Automotive Maintenance Tasks

Should You Do Your Own Car Repairs?

Perhaps nothing is as frustrating as paying $200 to have a mechanic replace a $10 part, but this scenario happens daily. The parts are often not the real expense: the labor charges are. This expense often does not seem reasonable to vehicle owners, so they may decide to take matters into their own hands and make the repairs themselves. Is this practice a good idea? Brake Pads The average cost of brake pad replacement per axle is approximately $150, though on some model cars the price may be closer to $300. Read More 

2 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Vehicle Transport Service

While the main way you are going to move your vehicle is going to be by driving it, there will likely be some situations where this won't be possible for you. Thankfully, in these situations, there are vehicle transport services that are available to help you out by moving your vehicle for you. This article will discuss 2 excellent reasons to hire a vehicle transport service.  You Are Moving  A very common and important reason to hire a vehicle transport service is going to be to help you move your car when you are moving. Read More 

The Challenges Associated With Repairing Aluminum Vehicles

More and more vehicle manufacturers are using aluminum in the production of passenger cars. While aluminum is a lightweight and affordable material, it can be difficult to repair when damage is sustained in a collision or other accident. Only a body shop that specializes in aluminum repairs should be used when your vehicle needs to have cosmetic flaws addressed. Here are three reasons why aluminum repairs can be challenging and require a specialized touch. Read More 

Tips For Proper Tire Storage In Winter

With winter coming you may be considering the removal of your summer or all-season tires so you can replace them with winter or snow tires. This can provide you with a lot more safety when it comes to winter driving, but you will want to make sure your summer tires are properly stored so that they don't require replacement next year. The following tips can help you store them correctly. Read More 

RV Breakdown Tips

A broken down RV can be a major pain, especially if it is also your home. For those that live in their large class A motorhomes, there may be nowhere else to go when repairs are needed. This, combined with the logistics of handling the breakdown as it occurs, can be a major fear for those living the nomadic life. The following tips will help you get through a potential breakdown safely and as comfortably as possible. Read More