Budget-Friendly Parking Tips For Your Airport Convenience

Whether you're flying out for a quick one-day business meeting in another town or traveling to a faraway destination for vacation, airport parking fees can put a significant dent in your travel budget. But it doesn't have to be that way. With a little advance planning, you can choose parking options that are less expensive. Pat yourself on the back for keeping the money saved in your bank account, or use the extra bucks to indulge in a treat while you travel. Read More 

Basic Repairs To Assist With Improving The Appearance Of An Old Pickup Truck

If you recently purchased an old pickup truck that has seen better days and would like to soup it up in order to turn heads while driving down the road, the following basic truck repairs can be completed to assist with transforming your vehicle from one that is an eyesore into one that looks unique and alluring. Minimize Rust And Cover Damage With Decals If there are rust spots on the body of your truck, use a sanding block to minimize signs of corrosion. Read More 

Traveling Long Distance With Your Horse: Take These Steps To Reduce Stress

Traveling with your horse can be fraught with stress because you want to make sure that you do everything right and that your horse is comfortable and safe. Having the right horse trailer and making sure that it's in good condition is an important part of making things easier on you and your horse. Here are some important steps to take. Keep your horse's point of view in mind when selecting your trailer. Read More 

Should You Do Your Own Car Repairs?

Perhaps nothing is as frustrating as paying $200 to have a mechanic replace a $10 part, but this scenario happens daily. The parts are often not the real expense: the labor charges are. This expense often does not seem reasonable to vehicle owners, so they may decide to take matters into their own hands and make the repairs themselves. Is this practice a good idea? Brake Pads The average cost of brake pad replacement per axle is approximately $150, though on some model cars the price may be closer to $300. Read More 

2 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Vehicle Transport Service

While the main way you are going to move your vehicle is going to be by driving it, there will likely be some situations where this won't be possible for you. Thankfully, in these situations, there are vehicle transport services that are available to help you out by moving your vehicle for you. This article will discuss 2 excellent reasons to hire a vehicle transport service.  You Are Moving  A very common and important reason to hire a vehicle transport service is going to be to help you move your car when you are moving. Read More